hosting honest review - a fraud and scam hosting is a hosting provider which provide all types hosting like shared hosting, vps hosting and dedicated hosting. I will review interserver hosting in this article. this is a honest review and I had used interserver hosting 6 months on my 2 websites. hosting honest review - a fraud and scam hosting claims 99.9% Uptime, Ultra-Fast Speeds and 24/7 Support but in real interserver hosting is very cheap, interserver hosting can not handle a simple website, all time website remain down. Interserver support is very unprofessional, their behavior is like street boys. Interserver speed is very very slow. i wasted my money and time on this third class hosting. hosting is scam

I alway recommend a best hosting provider for blog and website like hostinger and a2hosting both are very good host.

Here is a screenshot from interserver and these are completely fake promises. They just want your money and do fake promise. I hosted on this fraud hosting and they deleted my website without any reason. And don't have any backup of my website. i losted my 3 years hard work. after that i created new website in 2020 and hosted on a2hosting.

How interserver cheat users?

First time when you visit on you will see 5$ per month hosting. and you will choose a plan and host your website and after one month they send you an invoice with a lot of charges and if you don't pay that invoice then they will suspend your hosting account and you will not get change to download your website backup. they will delete your account completly. I faced this problem on my website they deleted that website and i losted my hard work. is a honey trap

interserver fraud team promise price lock gaurantee. Means you have to pay alway same price every month. But they charge money from your linked paypal or credit card fraudly. When you contact them regarding this then they give you 1 month time to check this and after one month they give another one month. And after that they deleted your account from interserver and you can not do anything. affialiate is biggest scam in history

Now come on interserver affiliate program. They promise to give 100$ on every referral which completed 90 days on interserver through your referral link. But this is also a biggest scam. After 90 days they refuse to pay money. and say do what you can do.

90 days is referral period but they don't pay after 200 days also. i refer 1200+ users but they denied payment. here you can see all referrals are pending.

Every time they said we need more time to check this. and after 102 days you can see it's pending. when you will contact to support regarding this, they will denied to pay your a single penny. I refer 1200+ but i did not get a single doller from interserver. they are biggest fraud and cheap people in history.

Conclusion is a team of fraud & cheap people who cheat users with honey trap. They are unprofessional and they don't know meaning of hosting infect. i never saw a third class hosting like interserver. you can see faces of interserver fraud people in this image.

i wasted 6 months hard work and my costly time on this third class hosting and also my followers wasted money on this fraud scam hosting. So don't go for interserver and share this article anywhere on social media. you can also read interserver reviews on TrustPilot where you can read genuine users review.